Introduction of Flyng chemist


Welcome to Flying Chemist blog about Flight simulator X and Prepar 3D (P3D).

When I was in junior high school student, I started to play flight simulator. and then I love FS over a decade.
Recently, I started to develop original FS scenery for FSX/(may be P3D).
Now I'm making Okayama airport (Okayama, Japan [ICAO: RJOB]) that is the first trial of scenery creation for me.

Base polygons of the terminal building, tower, cargo terminal, fire station, ground polygon, taxiway lights (edge and center), and approach lighting system were already constructed.
AND now I try to make textures, and set object to appropriate position (it's very hard work for me :(

The created Okayama airport will be published for flee but e-mail registration will be needed to protect copyright.
DO NOT use, copy and redistribute any products in Flying Chemist blog.

The main language of this blog will be in Japanese, but I'll make effort to write in English simultaneously
(sometimes incorrect grammar may be included.... :P)

Welcome and enjoy the scenery creation reports in this blog !!

The test environment in scenery construction
Aircraft for FPS investigation: LD-767
Scenery in Japan
10-38 m mesh (compiled from data published by Geospatial Information Authority of Japan)
I use 10 m mesh in Okayama airport region and set mesh resolution to 19 m.

FTX HD trees
FTX Global series are not added on
REX 1024x textures

weather: clear
ASN: is not operated during investigation

Machine spec
Operation soft: Windows 7 64bit professional
System locale: Japan
CPU: Core i-7 2600 (3.8GHz)
HDD: 1B (500GB for FSX)
GPU: Geforcce GX650 (will be change to higher spec one)
Monitor: Dual screen (but FSX is played on single monitor because of the poor spec to play FSX :P)
MSFSX (Japanese ed)
FSX.cfg is optimized